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Wisdom of Crowds

What do you get when you cross the question of guessing a bull’s weight, theories about why secret services are not really doing their jobs, and a quote from Reservoir Dogs?

Maybe a book.

And if that’s the case it’s likely that you hit James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds. Which is an entertaining read about the single idea that even though masses may consist of more or less dumb blokes, summing up the dumbies may result in some smart blob that can rightfully decide a hell out of nowhere.

This book really teaches a lesson about managing one’s life. If you ever happen to be at a bull auction sale: make sure to ask like everybody else about the bull’s weight or you may be overpaying. If you ever happen to build up some secret service: make sure not to judge simply on the basis of your own spying games but keep asking about everybody else you meet at the next cocktail party. And if you ever happen to watch some fine movie: make sure not to bring everybody else along because all the noise they make at crunching popcorn and sipping beer is totally likely to kill the great dialogues roaring from screen.

Not all three points are really part of the book. But they do follow the underlying idea of The Wisdom of Crowds. Which is a highly recommended book for everybody but the hard-liners in the pimp my ego game.


Dough workout

For the very first time, I made some bread rolls. Not just by myself, but that’s not the point. The point is: That is some physically challenging thing to do. Why are all those fitness people so quiet about making your own bread? A dough workout is a tough workout. And the result even tastes good.


Just the right motivation

Earlier this week, I spent two days in Mannheim. Those who know this place might agree: One thing you can do fairly well in Mannheim is shopping.

So I did. Of course, I got something nice that fits me just well. That wasn’t really easy, though, as it did cost me some comments from those sales girls. Like: „well, you are more slim than not“ or „as you are really blond…“ Tough, really tough, that was.

With all the new things, I have some good reasons for keeping up with all the work that goes along with not regaining all the weight I just lost. That’s a Good Thing(tm), I guess.

BTW: I’m natural blond. Especially if I get a chance of seeing some sun.


What dreams are made of

Six weeks in India and I lost about seven kilogram of weight. Fat mostly. And that over Christmas.

Even though that did not happen on purpose, some people say it is amazing and they would be glad, would the same hold for them.

The point now is: What am I going to do with all this luck? Just put the weight right back on in about the same time I lost it? Probably not
the smartest of all ideas.

So, I started a small workout program. That’s completely new to me. This specific program, not working out in general. Let’s not get into all the details of that right away. But let’s say so much: I started running. Regularly. That is, a couple of times a week. Right in the morning.
So I did this morning.

The problem with that: It’s so hard. Not the running itself. But doing it at almost freezing temperatures on a cloudy day instead of on the sunny beach in Goa. And I didn’t even meet some young, fancy, friendly fellows like I did on the beach. That’s what’s hard to cope with.

Is it just normal to be all alone doing it at this time of the year? I thought there would be a zillion people out there with all the motivation of the world, now at the beginning of the new year. Or do they all wait for spring to kick them out the door?


A book? A book!

When I was young (really young, quite some time ago), I always wanted to write a book. A real book, like a novel. Somehow, that never actually happened.

Now I’m not really extremely young anymore. But the idea still holds. After reading a few not too challenging books I just thought: „Hey, I should be able to do that kind of stuff myself.“ Some brainstorming followed. Now, I have a rough idea of what to tell. A very rough idea.

And I’m not yet telling you much more. The plan is to get a general storyline set by the end of January; the first chapter written in February. I’ll keep you updated on the outcome.

As this is not like putting a thesis together, I don’t really have anything like an experience. So, smart ideas are always welcome. For a starter, I actually like the one of contributed chapters. Haven’t really seen this in a novel-style text so far.