A book? A book!

When I was young (really young, quite some time ago), I always wanted to write a book. A real book, like a novel. Somehow, that never actually happened.

Now I’m not really extremely young anymore. But the idea still holds. After reading a few not too challenging books I just thought: „Hey, I should be able to do that kind of stuff myself.“ Some brainstorming followed. Now, I have a rough idea of what to tell. A very rough idea.

And I’m not yet telling you much more. The plan is to get a general storyline set by the end of January; the first chapter written in February. I’ll keep you updated on the outcome.

As this is not like putting a thesis together, I don’t really have anything like an experience. So, smart ideas are always welcome. For a starter, I actually like the one of contributed chapters. Haven’t really seen this in a novel-style text so far.